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Simulat(Ed) was a remote installation work presented as my personal contribution to the Having Future Friends/Tribe Against Machine e-textiles residency swatch book in 2020.

Continuing themes of personal interaction, Simulat(Ed) aims to create a tele-presence artifact of the artist. It takes the form of a USB drive containing multiple audio recordings of raw EEG brain data which can then be used to control a simple FM synthesizer. Recipients were encouraged to experiment with the Max/MSP Patcher and build upon it, using the artist's 'thoughts' to do novel and unexpected things.

Conceptual Axis

As a result of travel constraints imposed by the pandemic it was necessary to conduct the Having Future Friends residency remotely. Since I couldn't be physically present with all of the wonderful humans I met during the residency, I endeavored to create a fragment, or artifact, of my person that could be shared remotely. Recordings were taken of my brain while I was performing normal tasks, which were then presented as audio files to be used both as distinct elements and as a control signal for a simple FM synthesizer.

Hear a sample of the output from petting a dog and blinking below:


OpenBCI UltraCortex EEG Headset


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